“I never considered myself to be unhealthy or overweight, but when I started to feel insecure wearing tight fitted clothes, I knew I had to re-evaluate my physical health. I was inspired by Mindy’s journey on Instagram and wanted to have the same confidence she embraced with her body. It was a given when I met her for a consultation that I would have her be part of my journey.

I was actively working out prior to the training, but didn’t see the results I was looking for. This mainly had to do with my eating habits. Mindy provided a customized meal plan to include a few of my favourite ingredients, yet still balanced to target my goals. I became more educated on what foods were heathy/unhealthy and I was shocked to find that I had a very high sodium diet after reviewing her list. The meal plan was the most challenging part of the process as it started to become a lifestyle change. As I started to adapt to the new meal plan, I noticed I was becoming more aware of all the “bad” ingredients and all the meals I previously enjoyed now tasted too salty or fatty. Since day one, I have committed to my meal preps and spend an average of 4 hours. The amount of hours I spend meal prepping helps me save hours throughout the week and forces me to cut back on temptations.

The best part about my program is how motived I feel when I start my new week. I look forward to my sessions with Mindy because they are always intense and her encouragement throughout keeps me going. She explains what each exercise is targeting and how it works towards my goals. I throughly enjoy all the exercises I’ve been working on and love that Mindy incorporates my least favourite exercises in between sets so it’s more manageable to get through. Each week I’ve been seeing myself progress in getting stronger and feeling more comfortable in the gym.

Since starting my program, the biggest change I’ve made was my diet. I am more cautious of what goes into my body and really notice a difference in clean eating. Don’t get me wrong, I still indulge when it comes to my cheat meal!

Overall, Mindy has been an excellent trainer! I injured my finger on vacation during my program and she was able to quickly adapt and provide me a new program that was still on target. I would recommend Mindy to anyone who wants to take a step in changing their life.”

“Mindy helped me in several ways outside of improving my muscle mass, strength and lowering body fat %. She’s helped me understand the impact an unhealthy lifestyle has on fitness. Her coaching helped me understand the why behind every decision which made it easier to facilitate a positive lifestyle change instead of blindly following directions. The weekly (and sometimes daily) checkins and accountability also helped me understand what food and exercise adjustments my body responds to. Mindy was also great at providing support between sessions, monitoring MyFitnessPal and ensuring I stayed accountable to the program. I would recommend Mindy to anyone looking to start a fitness journey.”

“When I first contacted Mindy about training, I was a beginner to health and fitness. I was unsure of what to do in the gym and how to nourish my body healthily. Through training in person, I learned to be comfortable in the weight room, meanwhile learning correct form. My main concern when I started training was consistency. However, I found that Mindy’s training and nutrition plan was easy to stick to because the workouts and nutrition plans were customized and tailored to my goals. Most importantly, I never felt that I was eating too little nor did I feel deprived. I saw noticeable results within the first few weeks of training. Mindy’s encouragement both in and out of the gym, consistently pushed me towards my fitness goals. Mindy has not only helped me become stronger physically, she has taught me invaluable things about nutrition, which has made me mentally healthier and happier. Thank you so much, Mindy! It has been a pleasure training with you!”

“Mindy has gone above and beyond in terms of service and professionalism. Her constant support helps me stick to my fitness plan to achieve my goals. She’s the voice that gets me out to the door and to the gym despite how many times I want to hit that snooze button. I’ve seen results in working with her and look forward to seeing much more!”

“I’ve worked out in the past with various trainers, and no one has ever provided the level of service as Mindy – from customized workouts and meal plans tailored to my fitness goals & body type, to answering questions via text & email within minutes at all hours, to making on-the-fly adjustments to my workouts for minor injuries (unrelated to working out).

I’ve always had a fast metabolism, so never took my diet or working out too seriously – I was the poster girl for “skinny fat”. Every couple of years or so, I would buy a few sessions with a trainer in the spring to shape up for the summer, but never really stuck with the workouts after my sessions were over, and never made adjustments to my diet. In the past year, I’ve noticed my metabolism slowing down and my clothes getting tighter that they’ve ever been in the past, and an overall general feeling of sluggishness. That’s when I decided that I needed to make a change. I’d been following Mindy on Instagram, and knew that she was in Toronto as well, so decided to contact her. It was definitely the right call!

Mindy takes a holistic approach to her training – she’s helped me with not just my workouts and meal planning, but also with integrating a healthy mindset into my lifestyle. I’ve definitely seen the most change in my body and overall health working with Mindy than with any other trainer. Mindy is super motivating, patient, thorough, responsive and just all-around fantastic. She takes the time to explain not just the “what” but the “why” behind everything. That made it easier for me to stick to the plan. She patiently answered all of my questions (and I had a lot). I never knew how to count macros before, but she made it so easy to understand. I’ve always dreaded meal prepping because I thought it would be boring to eat the same, bland food for days, but Mindy has shown me how easy it is to eat yummy AND healthy.

It’s been a great experience training with Mindy, and the best part is that she shows you how to sustain your progress. That’s the biggest difference between training with Mindy and others – I’ve never stuck with a program for this long, and it doesn’t even feel like a “program” per se, but more of a lifestyle.”


“I can truly say I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Mindy’s training. While most of my friends are gaining weight the combination of her guidance in training (online and in person) and her helping me with my diet and making better food choices has really impacted my overall fitness level.

What I believe is the most valuable aspect of my training is the entire lifestyle change I’ve now gone through. Where before I would eat unhealthy and train intermittently. I now am one of those people who just has fitness and healthy eating as a normal part of their life. It’s this gradual change in mentality that will have the biggest long term impact on my life. I couldn’t have got their without Mindy’s guidance.

If you take your health seriously and you want to transition to living a more active, healthier lifestyle then I strongly recommend working with Mindy. If you invest the time and the effort, you will wake up one day and realize wow, I’m fit, I eat healthy as a matter of habit (unhealthy food is still good to but you don’t crave it and if you cheat once in a while you don’t worry about it) and I can run km’s without getting out of breath. Fit will be your new normal, and that has a huge huge impact on your quality of life.”

“Having known Mindy for over a year, I witnessed her journey to becoming a personal trainer. What motivated me to work with her was the changes she made to becoming fit and healthy, it meant she worked hard and understood what I would be going through.

When I started a new job, I was travelling a lot and had unpredictable hours. That was when I decided to hire Mindy as my personal trainer. She was understanding of my “eating out” challenges and shared tips and meal prep ideas. As it was my first time working with a trainer, Mindy patiently walked me through every step, with patience and understanding.

Through my training with Mindy, she taught me a lot about food and how to best prepare meals to avoid hidden fats and salts. Working with her felt like a collaborate effort, Mindy was always available for questions and quickly adapted her training/meal plan style to my needs. Her consultative approach ensured I felt comfortable sharing what wasn’t working for me, I believe this is what makes Mindy unique and her workouts effective. Mindy understands the fitness journey you’re about to undertake and as far as combinations go, she is your best friend both on and off the treadmill. “

JC, female: In-Person Client

“When I first contacted Mindy, I really wanted to get fit with some coaching. I didn’t know what I needed to do to get fit. All I ever did was cardio, and I really disliked it because I didn’t have a goal in mind. Mindy encouraged me to have clear and specific fitness goals. She tailored my own fitness routine to challenge myself physically and mentally. She also introduced me to meal-prepping and macros, which was such a carefree experience! I never had to count calories again as long as it fits with my macros.

I really enjoyed how persistent Mindy is as a coach. She really looks out for you and you only. She keeps reminding me of my goals throughout my fitness journey. Since I’ve started training with her, I’ve taken a whole new approach to fitness. It has to be a lifestyle change rather than going through cycles of diets. I’ve learned that I can also have a butt even though I’m Asian! No more pancake butts! With her constant encouragement and tweaking of my fitness plans, I was able to see more drastic changes with my body, which further inspired me to push myself harder

Since knowing Mindy, I’ve learned to self-love by listening to my body more. Also I’ve gained a genuine friend who is funny, authentic and caring.


“Mindy has helped me in so many ways. She has taught me how to approach food with a positive mindset. Her encouragement every week pushes me to go to the gym and I’ve already dropped 10 lbs in less than 3 months. I look forward to uncovering so much more more about myself with Mindy!


“I am by no means fit but the Build Your Best program helped me get a kick start on fitness and I feel stronger and happier with myself in just 8 weeks. It’s doable for both beginners and intermediate levels looking for a good, but challenging, workout program. It includes cardiovascular exercises with good variety of plyometrics, intervals, and weight routines that become cardio, too! The great thing about this program is that you will never be bored or tired of certain exercises because there is so much variety and it changes from week to week and even day to day! I feel stronger and the scale has even gone down a bit, even though I did it over the holiday season! Mindy was available and motivational the whole time and always giving tips on how to change up exercises, recipes, and motivational talks!
I will definitely be doing this program again and again!


“Mindy could not have come into my life at a better time: after transitioning to a new country and a new life, still trying to figure things out and find a job, I started Mindy’s fitness program. Not only did it give me a certain daily routine, but most importantly it taught me how important it is to take better care of myself and my body and to stay focused and positive no matter what (in all aspects of life). Thanks to her caring and contagiously positive attitude towards me, this is the first fitness program I ever actually followed through with and I am determined to pursue it further in the new year ahead. Thank you, Mindy!


“Before I did the Build Your Best program, I really hated to work out. However, when I started this program, I discovered that I actually ENJOYED the guide. If people are scared to do a workout or for those who never tried working out before but want to make changes in their body, try the Build Your Best Beginner’s Guide.


“Build Your Best helped me to fall in love with the gym again! I have been a “gym rat” for almost two decades and I desperately needed a fresh, inspired approach – BYB delivered just that. Mindy’s program always kept my body & mind guessing, so I truly looked forward to each training day. BYB is thorough, easy to follow and extremely well-rounded. My strength increased with each workout and I started to see changes in my physique within only a few weeks! I would highly recommend Mindy’s BYB program if you are looking for real results in transforming your body and mind!


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