My name is Mindy Kim and I was born in Seoul, South Korea but was mostly raised in Vancouver, BC. Formerly a software sales professional, I wasn’t always into fitness nor was I the most active person growing up. I was never involved in sports except for martial arts (taekwondo). Being unhealthy comes in all forms and I’ve been underweight, malnourished, and also I’ve been on the other spectrum of being overweight. I know what it’s like to not know what to do and to struggle with eating too much or too little. I understand the “black and white” mentality. And I for sure know what it’s like to suffer from the “flat and Asian pancake butt syndrome”.

For me, it was a gradual change as long term changes do not happen over night. I changed the way I ate and learned to love myself during this fitness journey. I entered the weight room because I was sick of going on yo-yo diets, doing excessive cardio, and under-eating/overeating. Not too long ago, I left behind a steady career in software sales, my friends and family, and moved to Toronto, Ontario, to pursue my passion for fitness. I didn’t have a carefully devised plan other than diving head first into fitness and helping others. Since then, I’m proud to say that I am now an ACE certified personal trainer with a passion for nutrition, fitness, and a very balanced lifestyle.

As a personal trainer and Instagram/social media motivator, I am truly honoured and happy to be able to empower people to build the best version of themselves. My programs are influenced by my personal fitness journey and created using my professional training/past experiences to help many of my clients take positive steps toward achieving their fitness goals. My areas of expertise consist of lifestyle change, personal training, glute/leg building, fat loss, and balanced eating (without giving up the things you love).

“Every day is an opportunity to change, grow, and mold yourself to be better. To build your best.”

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