Each personalized online or in-person program is designed with your specific goals and needs in mind. Together, let’s create a plan that best suits your lifestyle and we’ll build the best version of YOU.


♡   6, 8, or 12 week options available

♡   Customized training and workout split

♡   Customized macros

♡   Meal prep guide

♡   Supplements overview and guide

♡   Check-ins by email and/or text

♡   Learn various exercises for your specific goal

♡   Beginner, intermediate, advanced programs available


♡   4, 8, or 12 session options

♡   In-person sessions at professionally equipped gym (downtown Toronto)

♡   Beginner, intermediate, advanced programs available

♡   Learn proper form and various exercises for your specific goals

♡   Meal prep guide

♡   Supplements overview

♡   Macros guidelines

♡   Client-exclusive recipes

♡   In-person check in every 2-4 weeks

*If you want me to come to you, additional fees may apply

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The best part about my program is how motived I feel when I start my new week.

“I look forward to my sessions with Mindy because they are always intense and her encouragement throughout keeps me going. She explains what each exercise is targeting and how it works towards my goals. I thoroughly enjoy all the exercises I’ve been working on and love that Mindy incorporates my least favourite exercises in between sets so it’s more manageable to get through. Each week I’ve been seeing myself progress in getting stronger and feeling more comfortable in the gym.”

TT, female: In-Person Client


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“Mindy helped me in several ways outside of improving my muscle mass, strength and lowering body fat %. She’s helped me understand the impact an unhealthy lifestyle has on fitness. Her coaching helped me understand the why behind every decision which made it easier to facilitate a positive lifestyle change instead of blindly following directions. The weekly (and sometimes daily) checkins and accountability also helped me understand what food and exercise adjustments my body responds to. Mindy was also great at providing support between sessions, monitoring MyFitnessPal and ensuring I stayed accountable to the program. I would recommend Mindy to anyone looking to start a fitness journey.”

TS, male:  In-Person and Online Client

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“The past two months have been both a physical and mental transformation. As a beginner to health and fitness, I had many doubts about my ability to remain consistent. However, training with Mindy has made me more disciplined and comfortable in the weight room. With Mindy’s encouragement pushing me forward, I became physically and mentally healthier, more energetic, and developed a more optimistic mindset. Thank you Mindy, I am excited to continue training and unlocking my physical potential with you encouraging me along the way!”

Betty R, female: In-Person and Online Client



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“Mindy has gone above and beyond in terms of service and professionalism. Her constant support helps me stick to my fitness plan to achieve my goals.  She’s the voice that gets me out to the door and to the gym despite how many times I want to hit that snooze button. I’ve seen results in working with her and look forward to seeing much more! ”

Katherine C, female: Online Client



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“I can truly say I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Mindy’s training. While most of my friends are gaining weight the combination of her guidance in training (online and in person) and her helping me with my diet and making better food choices has really impacted my overall fitness level.

What I believe is the most valuable aspect of my training is the entire lifestyle change I’ve now gone through. Where before I would eat unhealthy and train intermittently. I now am one of those people who just has fitness and healthy eating as a normal part of their life. It’s this gradual change in mentality that will have the biggest long term impact on my life. I couldn’t have got their without Mindy’s guidance.

If you take your health seriously and you want to transition to living a more active, healthier lifestyle then I strongly recommend working with Mindy. If you invest the time and the effort, you will wake up one day and realize wow, I’m fit, I eat healthy as a matter of habit (unhealthy food is still good to but you don’t crave it and if you cheat once in a while you don’t worry about it) and I can run km’s without getting out of breath. Fit will be your new normal, and that has a huge huge impact on your quality of life. ”

EP, male: Online and In-Person Client



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“Having known Mindy for over a year, I witnessed her journey to becoming a personal trainer. What motivated me to work with her was the changes she made to becoming fit and healthy, it meant she worked hard and understood what I would be going through.

When I started a new job, I was travelling a lot and had unpredictable hours. That was when I decided to hire Mindy as my personal trainer. She was understanding of my “eating out” challenges and shared tips and meal prep ideas. As it was my first time working with a trainer, Mindy patiently walked me through every step, with patience and understanding.

Through my training with Mindy, she taught me a lot about food and how to best prepare meals to avoid hidden fats and salts. Working with her felt like a collaborate effort, Mindy was always available for questions and quickly adapted her training/meal plan style to my needs. Her consultative approach ensured I felt comfortable sharing what wasn’t working for me, I believe this is what makes Mindy unique and her workouts effective. Mindy understands the fitness journey you’re about to undertake and as far as combinations go, she is your best friend both on and off the treadmill. “

JC, female: In-Person Client



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